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Joe Daly,
By courtesy it shall be reasonably by Wikipedia to replace the picture with the new one I did attached in the last mail and make the correction of the textinfo and certainly the photographers name, namely mine and that the picture is obviously taken from the book MONUMENT published by the authors SJOLANDER/WECK. (and no one else)
Ture Sjolander
* Australia
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Dear Ture Sjolander 2009,

Thank you for your email.

"Ture Sjolander 2009"  wrote:

> Subject: Sven Inge (born Sven Inge Höglund, later Sven Inge Demoner)
> Wikipedia.
> The photograph is Ture Sjolander. The Photo was taken 1968 and the text under
> the photograph is incorrect. The copyright is marked in the book MONUMENT by
> the author's Ture Sjolander Lars Weck - Viktor Pettersons Tryckeri AB
> Stockholm 1968.
> Please correct this error or delete the photograph.
> The text under the picture should not include the name of Sven Inge Hoglund in
> this context described.
> Attached a replacement picture with correct text inserted.
> Regards
> Ture Sjolander
> The author of the book Monument.
> www.heeheeh.homestead.com/
> The orgiginal copyrighted protected photograph is on page no 74/75 in the book

I have investigated the image you are concerned about. It appears to me that
the copyright on the image at
<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Sven_Inge.jpg> has expired. This is because
of the Upphovsrättslagen (number 1960:729), which you can read at
Briefly, photographic images (fotografiska bilder), images created before 1
*January 1969 are no longer copyrighted in Sweden. You have mentioned that the
image was published in 1968, and as such this regulation would appear to cover
this image.

If there is a reason why this regulation does not apply in this case, please
let me know so that I can investigate further.

Yours sincerely,
Joe Daly

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